USASF/IASF Cheerleading Worlds Bids* at CheerExpo:

CheerExpo is proud to be the FIRST event in Canada to offer USASF Worlds Bids. CheerExpo will be offering one Partial Paid bid of $5000 CAD for every 2 At Large bids awarded. If only 1 or 2 teams compete for Worlds Bids, only At Large bids will be awarded. Once there are three teams competing a Partial Paid bid will be up for grabs. If 4 or 5 teams are competing for Worlds bids there will be only one Partial Paid and the rest will be At Large. Once there are 6 teams competing for Worlds Bids, CheerExpo will award 2 Partial Paid bids and 4 At Large Bids.


Since the CheerExpo dates are so close to the Worlds dates, you will have the option to use your bid in 2018 or 2019. You cannot use it for both. Your intention to use your bid for 2019 must be declared when accepting a bid at CheerExpo. If you already have a bid for 2018 from another event, you can still compete for a deferred bid at CheerExpo. This information is subject to change based on USASF/IASF Policies.


Bids will be offered for all USASF/IASF Worlds divisions (Senior 5, IO5, IO6, etc).



Please note:

- As always, crossovers are not permitted between two teams in the same division.

- A maximum of TWO (2) crossovers will be permitted between teams competing for Worlds Bids in separate divisions (at Worlds no crossovers are permitted). It is recommended to use this option for emergency purposes only. Crossovers to other non-worlds teams (i.e. Senior 3, Open 4.2, etc) are not limited.

- Athlete verifcation will occur for ALL teams competing for Worlds Bids at CheerExpo. Two pieces of ID (One of which must be photo ID and one of which must show date of birth OR a Passport showing both) will be required for each athlete. Athlete verfication will occur directly behind the competition floor immediately after the team performance.


Bids will be awarded based on final scores for the weekend and at the judges discretion.


CheerExpo Guidelines for Deferred Bids:

- A maximum of 2 teams from the same gym may opt to defer bids. There is no limit for bids used for 2018 Worlds. For example, if one gym wins 4 Worlds Bids at CheerExpo, a maximum of 2 of those teams may defer their bids for 2019 usage. The other two teams would be required to use their bids for 2018.

- CheerExpo believes that the team members that EARN the bid should be the team members that compete at Worlds. The team roster may only change by 25% (75% of the team/spare names must remain the same as listed in your CheerExpo registration). For example, for a team of 24 athletes, 18 athletes must remain the same as the names listed on your CheerExpo team list. Allowing 25% replacement is meant to allow for extenuating circumstances (injury, athlete/family relocation, etc) and will be strictly adhered to. We recommend leaving a buffer when building your teams for situations that may arise during the competition season. For example: We would not recommend building your team of 24 with the mindset that you can replace 6 athletes with new/better athletes. Should one of the original 18 members get injured throughout the season (resulting in more than 25% change), your Worlds bid could be revoked.


CheerExpo retains the right to revoke a Worlds bid should the above stipulations not be met. Teams opting to use deferred bids must send CheerExpo their World's team roster for review in March/April 2019 (prior to Worlds). These regulations have been adopted in an effort to prevent gyms from using deferred bids as a advertising tool to recruit/attract strong athletes from other programs, which would have significant damaging effects for surrounding gyms. Build your own athletes. These regulations were discussed and agreed upon by a number of respectable eastern Canada event producers on June 5th, 2015.


*As CheerExpo cannot control policies and regulations for USASF / IASF Worlds, all Worlds Bid info is subject to change.

     CheerExpo is a division of CheerExpo Cheerleading and Dance Events, Inc. Financial Assistance Provided by HRM